At First Canadian Place, we place high importance on the health and wellness of not only the environment, but also of the people that walk these halls everyday. The Wellness Program was implemented as a way to ensure everyone in First Canadian Place could have an opportunity to stay fit and healthy even on their busy schedules.

In addition, please note that participants are required to sign a Wellness Waiver for our weekly fitness classes.

Cardio Party in the Lobby

Get energized with heart pumping exercises and functional muscle conditioning - guaranteed to leave you feeling stronger, leaner and more connected to your body.  Perfect for all fitness levels.

Fitness Leader - GARTH SINCLAIR, Adelaide Club

Date: Tuesday, March 28th
Time: 5:30pm

Garth Sinclair began his fitness career at Adelaide Club 20 years ago. He is the Director of Membership and one of the Club's most energetic and inspirational fitness leaders.

His signature classes, Highness, 3:Fifteen, Cardio Party, Rock Your Body and Encore continues to attract great participation while his main mission is to improve cardiovascular endurance, help develop lean muscle mass and improve core strength.

His ultimate desire is to inspire and motivate - and empower everyone to choose physical, mental, and emotional health and happiness through fitness.