At First Canadian Place, we place high importance on the health and wellness of not only the environment, but also of the people that walk these halls everyday. The Wellness Program was implemented as a way to ensure everyone in First Canadian Place could have an opportunity to stay fit and healthy even on their busy schedules.

In addition, please note that participants are required to sign a Wellness Waiver for our weekly fitness classes.


Lunch Well: Mind the moment
Take time out for your mental and physical health with mindfulness expert Josie Smith

“Don’t just do something, sit there” is the twist on a common saying that meditators use for motivation. Indeed, taking time out to centre yourself and reconnect with the moment isn’t merely a way to improve a sense of well-being; it’s also been shown to boost productivity in the remainder of the work week. In just one 40-minute session, Meditation Specialist Josie Smith—who’s been teaching yoga and meditation for the last decade—will help new and experienced meditators alike learn a few mindfulness skills that they can use any time to destress.

Date: Friday February 24th
Time: 12pm - 1pm
Location: First Canadian Place Gallery - Main Level