At Brookfield, our mission focuses on providing the highest quality commercial office space while bringing responsible environmental solutions and innovative energy saving strategies to our tenants and the communities where we work.

Environmental stewardship is a major component of Brookfield’s strategic business plan that ranks among our key business objectives, along with revenue growth and risk management. Decisions we make as a company balance both our fiscal and our environmental responsibilities.

Our ultimate objective is to maximize energy and resource efficiency at our properties, together with the wellness and safety of our tenants, employees, and those that live in the neighbourhoods that house our properties.

We achieve this through an integrated strategy based on three principles that are embedded in the Brookfield corporate culture. These tenets are the foundation of our commitment to environmental responsibility.

2017 Global
Corporate Social
Responsibility Report

Global Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2017

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Compared to our 2012 energy consumption, Brookfield reduced enough energy across our global portfolio in 2016 to save 110,008 equivalent megawatt-hours – that’s enough to power 9,168 average sized homes for a year!


In 2016, our global portfolio has recycled 29,189 metric tons. That’s 73,645 cubic meters diverted from landfill, enough to fill 494,732 residential recycling bins!


Across our global portfolio in 2016, when compared to our 2012 baseline, Brookfield reduced our water consumption by 313 million liters – that’s enough water to fill 125 Olympic sized swimming pools!


Compared to our 2012 greenhouse gas emissions, last year we reduced enough emissions across our global portfolio to save 72,428 metric tons of CO2 – that’s equivalent to removing 9,540 cars from the road for a year!

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