Brookfield strives to achieve optimal energy performance at our buildings to reduce our environmental impact and achieve cost savings for our Tenants. Closely tracking our electricity allows us to monitor patterns in our consumption and set energy conservation goals. Brookfield is pleased to offer the same opportunity to our Tenants through the Tenant Energy Portal.

The Tenant Energy Portal is a web-based tool that provides the user with electricity consumption information from the meters associated with your premises. You can explore your electricity performance data and identify patterns in your electricity consumption. The system will assist you with your energy and carbon reporting initiatives and in setting conservation goals.

The system will allow you to view:

  • Electricity consumption by hourly, daily and monthly intervals along with customizable intervals and periods
  • Consumption by load type (Lighting, HVAC, General Power, etc.)
  • Daytime vs. nighttime consumption
  • Carbon emissions information and other tangible performance statistics

System Support

Should you have any questions or experience any issues with the system, please contact your Tenant Services Representative. Your Tenant Services Representative can assist you with:

  • Username / Password issues
  • Account activation requests
  • Data requests and general support
  • System feedback
  • User guide and additional training

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